We are RecordScore

Email validation & Record Scoring combined

Goodbye validation, hello RecordScore

We are changing the way that mass communication email data is verified.

Initially designed for major senders only, our on-demand tool is easy, intuitive and built for speed. Protect your email reputation, clean out the bad emails and highlight your best Records.
You can upload or even integrate with your own system.

How it works

1. Email Validation

The first step is to validate your email list in real-time.  Confirms whether an email address is valid and deliverable or not. Catch bounces and problematic addresses before you even send.

Our method will:

  • Reduce bounces and complaints
  • Catch typos and syntax errors
  • Remove risky email addresses and spam traps

2. Smart Scan

Secondly we analyze the list and eliminate invalid domain names, harvested email addresses and potential spam traps. But that is not all, our technology grades subscribers’ profiles, adding a layer of activity intelligence and propensity to purchase.

3. RecordScore

The final step is to add our RecordScore, with over 4,150 different rule sets to determine your best subscribers. The higher the score, the better the record. Offers a true value of an email record, allowing you to determine the email records with the highest possibility of responding.