More than 3,000 rule sets to filter out any additional potential risk

Our technology

Our secure technology verifies all your data points in real time to determine the potential value of your subscribers. The result: a data set segmented by score that you can act on. How does RecordScore do it?

We use individual field validationcombinatorial scoring, and heuristic pattern recognition.

Heuristic Pattern Recognition

Once we validate and score all fields, RecordScore applies more than 3,000 rule sets to filter out any additional potential risk: keyboard strokes, profanity, parked domains, temporary email accounts, fictional character names, etc. These help us identify malicious records, including complainers, spamtraps, and litigators.

Combinatorial Scoring

RecordScore validates multiple data fields, including Email, IP, URL, TimeStamp, Name, Gender, and Postal Address. While the email address is weighted most heavily, other fields detected as invalid will negatively affect the score.

Individual Field Validation

Individual field validation is just the first step. Our combinatorial scoring engine performs a per-record cross-check, validating each field against the others. Parameters such as CAN-SPAM compliance, GeoIP location, name and gender mapping, and postal address correlation drive the score